Propulsion packages are often the foremost sought usage when considering electric or electric hybrid power solutions in the marine sector. The ability to transport goods or passengers in urban areas with as little emissions as technically and economically possible. Before choosing various solutions and components one first needs to state what regulations and demands must be fulfilled in terms of governmental restrictions and classification society rules.

The propulsion solution is made out of a machine (electrical engine) and an axial bearing to absorb the shaft pressure. Depending on the need for a gearbox or not, one may also be included in the application. The machine (the engine) is powered through a driver or inverter that converts the DC current to AC and controls the output in accordance with signals from the vessel’s overall Energy Management System.

Combine the mechanical power from the diesel engines with the electrical power from the electric motors to optimize fuel efficiency and operational capability. 

We design diesel-electric systems to meet customers’ highest requirements for economic and environmental performance. High reliability and flexibility with a more compact and lighter solution.