Our policies


POWER TECH is a tech business with a purpose to develop and provide complete solutions for marine hybrid applications, based on partly our own technology and partly subcontractors. As a result, the activities of Power Tech affect the environment and the climate in a negative manner, as well as in a positive. The supply chain and our production process account for the majority of negative affect, while Power Tech’s complete solutions and products have a positive contribution by replacing heavy climate affecting solutions.

The Identification of our business environmental aspects and impacts will be a driving force and we will strive to manage our operations, as far as it is technically and economically possible, so that our negative environmental impact will be as low as possible, while maximizing our positive contribution. We will do this by:

  • Working proactively to manage our environmental aspects
  • Putting a first and great focus on the actions with the biggest positive affects
  • Identifying, preventing and stiving to minimize the risk of accidents resulting in pollution among other things
  • Staying updated on laws we have to a abide
  • Constantly improving the performance of our environmental work by implementing constant measurements and improvements


POWER TECH shall strive for highest possible quality in everything we do. Our ambition is to have customers experiencing POWER TECH as the best supplier in the market, and will therefore always be a first choice when looking to purchase.

  • High competence and knowledge
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Understanding of the customer’s needs and demands
  • A personal yet professional approach


POWER TECH always strive to provide a workspace where all coworkers thrive and feel well, from a physical as well as a phycological perspective. Our internal work environment is planned and designed with the purpose to boost motivation, work satisfaction and security.  Our work environmental efforts will be systematical and in collaboration with our coworkers.

We make sure that:

  • Applicable laws and rules regarding work environmental are followed
  • Occupational injuries are prevented
  • Sick leave decreases
  • Work satisfaction increases
  • Our routines develop in a close collaboration with our coworkers to assure that work tasks are perceived as meaningful and stimulating
  • We continuously educate and develop our operations as well as our coworkers
  • No employees shall be exposed to sexual, political, religious, or other harassments