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New project

Electrification of ​the M/S Burö ferry​ Electrification of ​the M/S Burö ferry which runs the route Öckerö-Björkö-Kalvsund-Grötö. – Complete EMS– DC-Link and Microgrid for hotel load and shore charging

New project

Elise​ Overall commitment as a supplier of the entire propulsion train, from shaft to wheelhouse​Scope of supply consists of short terms​Electrical propulsion motors, 160 kW/each​Propulsion inverters, inverter for bow thruster, Microgrid for AC,MSB, and shore...

New Project

Hybridization of Paddan 10 -Installed 160 kWh battery energy​-DC-Link and Microgrid for hotel load and shore charging​-Power Tech EMS​-The purpose is to operate fully electric on one shaft line during archipelago tours​