What We Offer

What We Offer

There is no one true answer to how a hybrid propulsion system looks like, nor what it consists of or the sizing of it´s independent components. Before suggesting a suitable solution for your individual need we need to explore your individual conditions. They range from available shore connection power to operational conditions and distances only to mention a few.

A ship can be powered either fully electrical through battery banks that are charged whilst moored from land. In some rare occasions, like very short distance line ferries, they can even be powered through connections that supply electricity even during the journey. Both of those are generally preferred only if the infra-structure allows enough shore power as well a limited distance to travel between charging opportunities. Other factors are what size and type of battery technology is used and how long time that´s available for charging. Certain batteries can accept a higher charge Amp (less time needed) and certain batteries can discharge a larger portion of their accumulated power without compromising the lifetime.

More commonly a ship is designed for hybrid power.
Hybrid in this aspect means the ability to power through various means of sources – typically a diesel driven generator set in combination with a battery bank and often also the possibility for shore powered charging.  Another setup may include shaft generator powered charging, optimizing the output from a main propulsion engine to store extra power in a battery bank and use it for peak shaving purposes during maneuver or docking for instance.

Our Products

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Energy Storage

Batteries (energy storage) comes in a variety of choices and they store DC current.

generator chargers


Propulsion packages are often the foremost sought usage when considering electric or electric hybrid power solutions in the marine sector.


Microgrid Inverters

microgrid inverter is the bridge between the DC power grid and the vessels hotel-load consumers which typically run on 230-400 V AC current.


Miscellaneous Aux drives

miscellaneous auxiliary drive can be just about any type electrical consumer but typically it concerns heavy consumers such as pumps, cranes, thrusters or similar.

High Power Quick Charger


We offer all types of chargers and dimension them individually for each purpose.

MVDC cabinet, double sided_2


Taking advantage of our wide range of experience and and knowledge, we have our own production of  Energy Management Systems, DCL Cabinetes and Inverter Cabinets.


Design & Development

Due to many years of experience, we design external projects on consultancy basis.