Energy Storage

Energy storage comes in a variety of choices and they store DC current.


The battery energy storage system is an advanced technological solution that allows energy storage in multiple ways for later use.


Propulsion packages are often the foremost sought usage when considering electric or electric hybrid power solutions in the marine sector.


We design diesel-electric systems to meet customers’ highest requirements for economic and environmental performance. 



We offer all types of chargers and dimension them individually for each purpose.

Microgrid Inverters

microgrid inverter is the bridge between the DC power grid and the vessels hotel-load consumers which typically run on 230-400 V AC current.



Taking advantage of our wide range of experience and and knowledge, we have our own production of Energy Management Systems, DCL Cabinets and Inverter Cabinets.

Hybrid solutions string controller

Variable Speed Inverters

We can deliver inverters from 1,5-900 kW single operation with or without filters.