Ongoing Projects

DC High Power Quick Charger (HPQC)™ container

Smart City Charger​


  • Power Tech Sweden got an order to deliver the DC High Power Quick Charger (HPQC)™ container for the Smart City Charger​
  • 1000 kWh installed battery energy​
  • 2 CCS2 240 kW outlets and 4, 11 Kw outlets​
  • Possibility to connect solar panels​
  • Connected to the grid of FCR trading

Hybridization of passenger vessel M/S Lyrön

Börjessons Sjötaxi

  • Installed 280 kWh battery energy​
  • DC-Link and Microgrid for hotel load and shore charging​
  • Power Tech EMS​
  • The purpose is to operate fully electric on one shaft line during archipelago tours​