Marine and industrial power solutions BY OUR SISTER COMPANY "POWER HOUSE"

from auxiliary engines and gensets to spare parts and AFTER-SALES services
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Looking for a new 40 – 2000 kW marine auxiliary genset?

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Our Products 

We offer both marine and industrial power solutions; distributed and supported through a global distribution network.

Marine Auxiliary Gensets

Available with a power range of 56 to 1886 kWe with 3 different cooling systems.

Propulsion engines

Please find our available propulsion engines.


Industrial engines

Please find our available Mitsubishi and Baudouin industrial engines.

Baudouin PowerKit

Gas engines

LNG solutions are available for gas-electric propulsion and marine auxiliary applications.

Stock & used engines

Current available stock of engines, crankshafts etc.

Spare Parts

Spare parts & exchange products

We supply only original parts and we allow full refund on non-used articles.

Our Services 

We also cover non-standard requests like customizations (special generators,  soundboxes, hydraulic pumps, clutches, electrical systems) and consolidated deliveries (batteries and battery boxes, silencers, fuel day tanks, coolers, flex mounts, SCR systems).

For OEM builders

Marine Gensets, industrial auxiliary engines and marine propulsion engines . 

For shipyards & design offices

At Power House we are happy to support you all the way from early project phases to post-delivery.

Customized deliveries

Containerized gensets, Air shut-off, Designated control systems, etc.

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