Regardless from where you source electricity it needs to be converted to DC in the correct voltage chosen for your energy storage system (your battery bank). We offer all types of chargers and dimension them individually for each purpose. Charging can be made from shore power or from onboard power generation such as diesel gensets or shaft generators and it can be designed for fast charging.

Generator Chargers

In hybrid systems, generator chargers can be used to power a battery charger. In fact when the power grid is unavailable or when there is a power outage generators are frequently used as a source of electricity to maintain the power in the diesel-electric mode. 

Onboard Chargers

The onboard charger is normally 400VAC charger that charges from a standard 400VAC generator or shore connection.

Charging Stations

Ideally for charging the battery in a short time. We can deliver charging stations with 2,5 MW that can charge any battery in a few minutes.