Propulsion packages are often the foremost sought usage when considering electric or electric hybrid power solutions in the marine sector. The ability to transport goods or passengers in urban areas with as little emissions as technically and economically possible.

Before choosing various solutions and components one first need to state what regulations and demands must be fulfilled in terms of governmental restrictions and classification society rules.

If there are no classification demands, one can choose from a wider variety of components from different suppliers. If the vessel is under classification one need to add those specific rules to the basic governmental regulations that exist. Only a few suppliers of machines and drivers can offer a full range of classified components but in some cases also non-classified material can be used and instead the complete installation then needs to be classified onboard.

Needless to say, in general the Approved components are more expensive than the Non approved components, not least due to the need of the Classification Approval Certificate which constitutes a third party guarantee to the quality and safety of the material. Having said this, Power Tech Sweden AB would never distribute anything less than a safe and high quality product of course.

The propulsion solution is made out of a machine (electrical engine) and an axial bearing to absorb the shaft pressure. Depending on the need for a gearbox or not, one such may also be included to the application. The machine (the engine) is powered through a driver or inverter that convert the DC current to AC and control the output in accordance with signals from the vessels overall Energy Management System.

danfoss inverter


Maritime certified inverters from well-known suppliers. Very compact water-cooled units can be rated from 50 to 300 kW. Larger models are rated up to 2000 kW.


Non approved

Applicable for different motor technologies and functionally prepared for the drive tasks of speed, torque and position control – drive controllers for powers from 1 kW to 800 kW.